'A Uachtaráin, agus a chairde.' 'President and friends'. (x)

What a historic moment. Nobody ever thought we’d see a British Monarch speaking Gaeilge (especially Mary McAleese, apparently, with her consecutive ‘Wow!’). Her pronunciation was perfect, and she said it at a great time. She’s even wearing a harp brooch (made from Swarovski crystals), and the harp is obviously a symbol of Ireland.

Almost 100 years ago, people could be murdered for speaking Irish, but now, a British Monarch has spoken it on Irish soil. If that doesn’t show you how far we’ve come, I don’t know what will.

This will forever be one of my favourite moments from her reign so far. Her and Philip’s whole visit was just fabulous, and one of my biggest regrets was not being able to go and meet them on Irish soil. I love you, Your Majesty!